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March 2015

  • Hair of the Dog

    Grapefruit Zanzini

    If a drink has ginger simple syrup in it, my mom and I have always called it a Zanzini. I thought that’s what everyone called them, but apparently we made it up. Seriously, try…

    26th March 2015
  • Crowd Pleasers Dank Dinner

    Ahi Tuna Burgers

    My bff My mom and I love to go out for dinner and drinks, and one of our favorite local spots is the Los Altos Bar & Grill. The menu is always changing, but…

    24th March 2015
  • Crowd Pleasers Dank Dinner

    Spicy Thai Seafood Soup

    If you want to blow the pants off your tastebuds without having to try that hard, this recipe is for you. You don’t have to sweat your tits off going wild and crazy in the…

    24th March 2015